Rimming in your dreams
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Rimming in your dreams

Yet another boring day in the life of Peter – he was standing outside, enjoying a quick smoke. He then noticed a girl walking down the street. She was incredibly pretty, she was borderline magnetic. It took Peter a few minutes to catch up – she was now sitting in a café, enjoying her latte. He noticed that there was a ring on her finger, but he chose not to dwell on that fact. Still, Peter was distraught – for a moment it seemed that things were finally looking up for him before it all came crashing down. He rushed home, stripped naked, and fell asleep on the couch… He raised his head and saw her – she was in his apartment, sitting on his table. She was wearing a very sexy set of lingerie… She motioned him to come over before taking off her ring and tossing it aside. She was an angel, ready to fulfill all of Peter’s wildest fantasies. He leaned in forward a little bit, sticking his butt out, and said – eat my ass, babe!
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