Double rimming, double pleasure!
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Double rimming, double pleasure!

Sarah and Anna are two friends, they are very sexy, and they like to joke around using their similarity. On this day, Sarah woke up in a very playful mood. Sarah persuaded her friend Anna to go to bed with her boyfriend, pretending to be her. Anna gladly accepted the conditions of the game; she lay down next to him and began to caress the man gently, posing for his beloved. She was so carried away by the process that she did not notice the moment when she started sucking his cock. The man moaned with pleasure, but Sarah interrupted their idyll. She was surprised how far their prank went and a little jealous of her boyfriend. Sarah decided to prove Anna and her boyfriend her unsurpassed sex and give him unearthly pleasure, gently caressing his anus with her tongue. Anna also wanted to try something new, and friends took turns licking the lucky hole of this lucky one.
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