Room service! You requested the three-way rimming, right?
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Room service! You requested the three-way rimming, right?

Mona and Jack are a very open-minded couple. They love sex and are eager to broaden their horizons. Something truly special happened that day: they were making love before lunch, just to work up an appetite when suddenly someone knocked on the door. Jack saw a food runner enter their hotel room after he opened the door. A young, admittedly handsome man set a delicious meal in front of them. As he glanced at his wife, Jack realized exactly what she wanted to try instead of the food. They dragged the stranger into the room to arrange a hot threesome. Mona was so hungry that she literally threw herself onto the new guy. She licked his ass and took care of her husband’s needs as well. It was a genuinely unforgettable rimjob session!
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