Skillful rimming for a skillful job!
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Skillful rimming for a skillful job!

It wasn’t an easy day for Frank. He is a car mechanic, and today he had a lot of hard work. The day was already coming to an end, but he was head over heels busy repairing another car. He did not have enough time for rest for so long that there was no time even to have lunch. Repair was hard, the nuts did not want to be loosened, and the spare parts seemed utterly heavy. It was obvious that the man was very tired and needed a rest. Suddenly, a spectacular girl with a short haircut entered the car repair shop; it was Frank's friend Helen. She was worried that he had not come for dinner, and decided to visit him. Her huge boobs and great ass cheered up Frank a little. He was very happy to see Helen! She looked around and immediately realized that her man needed a good rest. Helene came closer, hugged Frank, and without hesitation began to take off his coveralls. He looked so brutal and defiant, it was incredibly exciting for Helen, and she decided to do something special for him. Helene walked behind him, knelt down and began to caress gently his anus...
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