Buy a phone from us and get a bonus rimming!
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Buy a phone from us and get a bonus rimming!

Artem checked his watch impatiently. The courier was supposed to bring his brand new smartphone any minute. The doorbell rang, and Artem was ready to enjoy the pleasure of the new gadget, but when he opened the door, he was a little taken aback. The courier turned out to be a very beautiful and sexy kitty. Artem immediately forgot about the new smartphone, now he wanted to play with a completely different toy. He hugged the girl and began to unfasten her jacket. The baby was only happy with his initiative, because she had just received a good tip. They did not even know each other, but the more interesting became their sexual game. The girl decided to give this nice guy a small bonus. She pushed his buns apart and began to gently slide her tongue around his sphincter... it was an unforgettable experience!
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